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Teleportation Seminar Project (Read 117 times)


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Teleportation Seminar Project
March 23, 2017, 08:29:16 AM
Teleportation Seminar Project
Teleportation is one of the best Innovative ideas the found out by scientists. Teleportation is the simple thing that can help to disintegrate a thing or object or file or data from one place and the exact replica of the data or file or object available in another place. This method is followed for years and the best example for teleportation tool is Fax Machine. This Machine helps to transfer a file from one place to another without any damage. There are two principles are followed in teleportation and they are Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Principle of Entanglement. In the Heisenberg principle, there is a possibility of data disruption may occur. In Entanglement, principle disruption problem can be avoided by using the entanglement technique. The research is going on for human teleportation but still, now there is no great success has been attained some of them transferred data file in the laser beam to cloud atoms. But there is also some serious consequences may happen if human teleportation is possible.