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The Nanotechnology Seminar Presentation (Read 81 times)


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The Nanotechnology Seminar Presentation
April 05, 2017, 06:00:11 PM
There has been tremendous progress in the technology recently. The Nanotechnology has fascinated many of the scientists in the recent years. Currently the Nanotechnology is been used in various other applications like medicine, control systems, environment and some more fields. The quantum mechanical effects are easily seen in many of the quantum realm scale. Many of the developed nations and also some of the developing nations are investing lots of money in the research of the nanotechnology. The scientist seem working very hard on this.
The nano robots can are designed to attack the cancer cells and the nanotechnology can reduce the dependence on the nonrenewable resources. However, precautions have to be taken that the technology should be developed safely. The progress in nanotechnology can even lead some destructive effects, which should be avoided. Also, recently the scientists are discovering more on the natural nanotechnology. Find more information on the nanotechnology in attached file.