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Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Seminar Presentation (Read 95 times)


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The Uniform Resource Locator is the unique Uniform Resource Identifier, which identifies where exactly the resource is located. Basically it is a set of four numbers. The Uniform Resource Locator has various attributes in it like scheme name, domain name, port number, resource path, query string, fragment identifier, etc. Here a particular domain name is allocated to the Uniform Resource Locator which gives the destination of the URL. There are different types of domain types like com (for commercial enterprises), net (highlights network), org (organizations), edu (universities and colleges).
The domains are also mapped sometimes according to their respective countries. For example in is for India, cu for Cuba, cn for China, etc. The URL basically is a way to access the desired resource. The URL is having its distinct identity which cannot be given to any of them. The URL can be seen from any of the parts of the world with the help of internet. Find more information with regards to this in the attached file.