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Universal Networking Language (UNL) Seminar Presentation (Read 63 times)


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Universal Networking Language (UNL)
Language barrier create a big problem at the global level. Translation is the only means to exchange the information but that involves direct or indirect cost. The United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies developed a suitable human language neutral Meta language for internet after reviewing all available machine translations. This new invention is called Universal Networking Language. This was launched in 1996. UNL is a declarative computer language that is designed specifically to enable computers to process information and knowledge across the language barriers. It is an artificial language that replicates the functions of human language. Knowledge is represented in the form of semantic networks in this language. UNL is a computer language but it has all the components of a natural language. The UNL is composed of Universal words (UWs), Relations, Attributes, and UNL Knowledge Base. Sentence is represented as hyper graph where each node represents a concept and links represent the relation.