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Universal Networking Language Seminar Presentation (Read 104 times)


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Universal Networking Language Seminar Presentation
Universal Networking Language shortly called as UNL is a language that was created to solve the natural language in the world. In a shorter sense, it is a language that helps to understand other languages in the same sense by the systematic way. It is coding based language to make it understand the information in various languages. Over the years, overcoming the language barrier is one of the hardest things to do. But with invention and development of UNL, it makes it easy and simple. The UNL was first proposed and their program started in the year 1996 by United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan. The main motive of this language development is to create, store or gather information beyond the language barrier. After the development of this UNL language barrier is not only broken but evolved as one of the best and much-needed things in the world. Various UNL societies are created across the world to enrich the development of this language.
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