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Using virtualization in the classroom (Read 94 times)


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Using virtualization in the classroom
March 30, 2017, 06:57:18 AM
Through virtualization, one can run multiple operating systems on the same physical machine simultaneously.
Virtual machine software creates an environment that imitates a computerís hardware system.  Host machine is the one which hosts the virtual machine software like VMWare. The Guest operating system is the one which executes in virtual machine software. It is mainly composed of some virtual hard drive files and configuration settings file. Virtual disk is the virtual machine's hard disk which is basically one or more files which are placed inside the host computer. The network configuration employed by virtual machine is known as virtual network. The options are NAT, host only, bridged and none. After proper configuration, the virtual machine behaves in the same way as other machines in the network. Now-a-days, virtualization is used in a lot in organizations as it saves cost and a person can access many resources using minimal hardware. A lot of new virtualization techniques are also coming.