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Virtual Keyboard Seminar Presentation (Read 72 times)


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Virtual Keyboard Seminar Presentation
April 06, 2017, 08:56:18 AM
The Virtual Keyboard is the technology in which the laser technology is used to create the keyboard on the flat surface and it can be used anywhere. Technically speaking, the virtual keyboard watches the movements of your fingers which touches the surface and converts into the keystrokes. The virtual keyboards can enable the users to work quickly and efficiently on different things. The virtual keyboards are used in the mobile phones, touch screens, tablet computers and many of the other electronic devices. The virtual keyboard has been beneficial for the disable persons also.
The virtual keyboards are also categorized as physical keyboards, virtual keyboards, optically projected keyboards and online virtual keyboards. The virtual keyboards can be used in many areas like business meetings, PDA and various industrial sectors. The virtual keyboards can also be used from the security point of view, where the vital login details can be saved more nicely. Find some more information on this in the attached file.