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VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS seminar presentation (Read 111 times)


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Virtual Private Networks

 Virtual private networks are the branches from the private network which are extended across the public network in Internet. It provides a secured internet connection to the specified company or system. It acts as the INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER from the public sector to the private sector.

When there is low Bandwidth and there are many service sectors at longer distances Virtual private networks are helpful. There may be two kinds in Virtual private networks like -

1.  Secure VPN - It helps in the authentication of the tunnel set up and manages the traffic

2.  Trusted VPN - It helps in providing a secure connection against the traffic.

There are 3 types of VPN

WAN - It is the mother network where it act as the main service provider.

ACCESS - They are the roaming users which help in servicing the sector.

EXTRANET - These are the end servers to the public sector like customers or companies.

There are still some issues connected with the VPN such as security. One can easily get in access to the secured VPN. The quality of service is questionable here.