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Virtual reality (Read 106 times)


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Virtual reality
March 19, 2017, 08:42:40 AM
Virtual reality

Today in a computer technology, a software is used with which an imaginery setting such as sound, image or any other sensation can be created that will exactly be similar to the real environment and this called as virtual reality. Any person who is using a virtual reality can experience the artificial world. A person in virtual reality can interact with the elements displayed on the screen and can move around in it. He will experience all that is being displayed on the screen. Virtual reality can be experienced on a projector screen or a computer screen. The best example of virtual reality that most of us would have experienced is a 3 dimensional (3d) movie. These days even a 7D movies are also displayed on screen using a virtual reality were a person experiences exactly what is being displayed. In virtual reality, you will not just watch what is displayed on the screen but you will be a part of what is happening.