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VISA Processing System Seminar Presentation (Read 103 times)


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VISA Processing System Seminar Presentation

A VISA is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter eligible countries.The project Visa Processing System is an automated system. It describes the process of applying for visa. There are so many visa types provided by the government like H1-visa, Dependent visa.There are many procedure of applying VISA like consultant officer etc.But the advantage of online VISA applying through  Proposed system, as the system of  feasibility for the applicant to apply and submit the visa application.The VISA processing system have 3 modules like admin ,VISA consultant officer,Applicant. Admin will add,delete,view the applicant and VISA consultant officer will check the applicant proof and verified from officers. Applicant will apply and submit the documents.The system should have facility of view,delete,reject the applicant by the administrated.Should maintain proper Software and Hardware requirement for developing VISA process.Applicant should follow the procedure according to the system.