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VoIP (Read 99 times)


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March 19, 2017, 06:01:55 AM
VoIP is nothing but voice over Internet Protocol. As the name indicates, user can make voice calls using the internet. The working of VoIP is very simple were a audio is encapsulated into packets and these packets are transmitted over the internet protocol. The encapsulated packets are then unencapsulated into audio on reaching the receiver thereby making the receiver hear the audio. The advantage of VoIP than the normal telecommunication is it does not involve extra pricing for the VoIP calls made unlike the phone calls. VoIP calls are included in the internet package that is used by the user. Today apart from VoIP phones, VoIP is available even in some of the smartphones and personal computers. If the internet connection is losed or if the user loses the WiFi signals, then VoIP calls cannot be made at that point of time. Internet connection is a must to make a VoIP calls.