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Watermarking on Image Seminar Presentation (Read 91 times)


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Watermarking on Image
Watermark is superimposing of one image on the other without compromising the transparency of any image. A watermark is usually a logo, stamp or signature that signifies the creator of the image. Watermark is useful in many ways as it makes it easy to copyright your digital work. So it inhibits the illegal use of your own creation. Along with providing protection, itís a very effective way for community manager to promote their brand or website. Watermarking is also good for increasing your sales as you can charge your customers for providing them watermark free image as mostly mobile app developers earn this way especially in the photo mixer, collage maker app category. So watermark is a good way to sale your name, brand or your digital work along with getting secure. The best application of this technology you can find in printing currency notes. To get more insight into the topic, find the attached presentation.