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WaterMarking on Image Seminar Presentation (Read 92 times)


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WaterMarking on Image Seminar Presentation
Currently we are living in a digital world and this digital world we can duplicate anything from original. This duplicates are much more perfect than the original sometimes owners of the originals get confused to identify which is original. Images are the one that was most affceted by this duplicate production. To avoid this watermarking technology is introduced. It is very much helpful to avoid copyright problems and certainly stops duplicate image production. Today's world is well connected by internet and every single thing will be visible to the world. Those duplicate images can be created inexpensivly and shared to the world very rapidly with the help of internet and it turns out to be huge loss for the owner of original content. At that time this watermarking technology will be very handy to identify the original one if the original is watermarked.