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Web Services seminar presentation (Read 90 times)


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Web Services seminar presentation
March 23, 2017, 07:43:56 AM
Web Services
Web service is software that enables communication between different web languages using messages. Basically Web services are used to convert an existing application to web application. Web services are not tied to any language. Interoperability is an important feature because any software coded in any language can communicate with other applications built on some different language or platform because all the messages are coded in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) document. Each is an XML document containing a set of possible information items such as elements, attributes, namespaces, and comments. The messages are standardized using XML, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). It uses standard protocols to transfer the data: XML is used to tag the data, SOAP is used to transfer a message and WSDL is used to describe the availability of service. These are used in businesses to get the global presence and communicate with the clients.