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WiMAX seminar presentation (Read 110 times)


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WiMAX seminar presentation
March 19, 2017, 02:17:54 PM
WiMAX seminar presentation
Internet access can be done through broadband or the WiFi. The probelm with broadband is it is expensive and does not reach all the areas and problem with WiFi is less coverage because of small hotspots. To overcome this problem, WiMAX was found by the WiMAX forum which can reach almost every area. WiMAX stands for world wide interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMAX was found in the year 2001. WiMAX is similar to WiFi but covers a large distance. Also the speed of WiMAX is greater than the speed of WiFi. WiMAX supports internet data, voice and video. WiMAX provides options like multiple physical layer and also media access control. It is based on IEEE 802.16 standards. WiMAX was created as an alternative to the digital subscriber line, broadband and the WiFi. WiMAX is created based on the technology of wireless MAN were several wireless LANs are connected together. WiMAX provides telecommunications and data services.