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Wireless charging (Read 106 times)


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Wireless charging
March 19, 2017, 07:46:44 AM
Wireless charging
If something good that has happened in the field of mobile phones today then that is wireless charging. We can say wireless charging is a magic today as we need not carry our wired charger or a usb cable everywhere and pluggin the cable to charge the device. As the name indicates wireless charging is charging the mobile phones, laptops, tablets or any other device without the use of wires. In a wireless charging, a charging pad is used which is connected to a power source. When a device is placed on the charging pad then the device starts getting charged. Wireless charging works based on the principal of Electromagnetic Field were a power is transmitted from a source to a device which is placed on charging pad to charge the battery. The biggest advantage of wireless charging is, it allows the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously.