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Wireless networks (Read 67 times)

jeevan babu

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Wireless networks
March 25, 2017, 10:54:34 AM
The name wireless networks itself gives the meaning that these are the computer networks without any physical connection between devices.They do not use any kind of cables for a connection.This process of using wireless connections reduces operational and maintenance costs.Communication can be done even without wired connections can be seen in radio communications which is the best example of wireless networking.They use radio waves to connect devices.Some examples are connect laptops to the Internet, the business network and applications.The first wireless connection was developed under the name ALOHAnet in the year 1969.Now we mostly see wireless communications in man fields.Types of wireless networks are Wireless PAN,Wireless LAN,Wireless ad hoc network,Wireless MAN,Wireless WAN,Cellular network,Global area network and Space network.General advantages of wireless networks are costs,space,speed,reach-ability etc.Beside these,there are some difficulties also in these networks such as interference,hidden node problems,shared resource problems and multi path fading.