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Wireless Security Seminar Presentation (Read 84 times)


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Wireless Security Seminar Presentation
March 29, 2017, 08:08:42 AM
Wireless Security Seminar Presentation
The Security is very much important for every place and in the computer world, it is very much needed to avoid unauthorized entry or to stop any kind of data theft. Most of the domestic and international organizations are very much interested in install wireless security because of their availability and high providing security nature.  But this wireless system also has some security concerns regarding who is connecting and also the advancement of technology already generates numerous hackers to demoralize the security factor of this network. These concerns are in big level in wireless LAN network and it also gives some important benefits to the hackers because the tracing of hacking is literally impossible and avoid the hacking is the very difficult job.  There are some other security threats are also practiced and they are user hijacking, phishing, Password Stealing and HTTP hack. But wlan has also had advantages that it used to connect all areas where the difficulties in laying cables, accessing the network from anywhere, installation is fast and easy, and also user able to create more workstations.