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Wonderful Self Replication Robots Seminar Presentation (Read 92 times)


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Self-Replication in simple terms can be said as the self-repairing. Robots are basically the machines which can work as per the instructions given. With the great progress in the robotic science, the new concept of self-replication of robots has given a new direction to the technological world. A self-replicating robot can literally reproduce itself again with the help of various advanced technology. To achieve the desired results several automation, assemblers and nanotechnology is being used. Universal constructor is the new concept used by the New Vonmann for the self-replicating robots.
There are some basic requirements for the self-replicating machines like construction materials, manufacture of new parts, consistent power supply, programming new members. A special self-reproducing program is used for making such robots. There is one example of the cubes where the cubes have successfully reproduces a new robot on itself. Find some more and detailed information on the Self Replicating Robots in the attached file.