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Zero Configuration Networking Seminar Presentation (Read 85 times)


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Zero Configuration Networking
Zero Configuration Networking (Zeroconf) is used to reduce network configuration to zero. It allows you to automatically create a network without having to manually configure the network settings. All the functions like host configuration, IP addresses allocation, service discovery, multicast domain name to address resolution, automatic multicast address allocation are automatically done here. Using this, you can enable networking in the environments where administration and configuration is very difficult. Zeroconf is also recommended in networks where other techniques such as DHCP or DNS cannot be implemented. It overcomes the limitation of lack of automatic host configuration in tradition IPV4. Currently, Zeroconf is deployed in various applications such as network printing, collaborative document editing, and instant messaging.  Apple Bonjour and Avahi are major implementations of Zeroconf networks. Earlier scalability of such networks was a big challenge but now advancements in this technology have made it possible to scale it up to large network.