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ARM Architecture Seminar Presentation (Read 130 times)


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ARM Architecture Seminar Presentation
March 24, 2017, 05:42:02 PM
ARM Architecture Seminar Presentation
The ARM architecture mainly used in computer processors and are from the family RISC i.e reduced instruction set computing and it is configured for various environments. ARM stands for Acron RISC Machine but later transform into Advanced RISC Machine. This architecture was designed by ARM holdings and it gives the license to other companies who can implement one of the architectures into their own products. These architectures including System on Chips and System on Modules. These two incorporates memory, interface, radios and much more. RISC designing approach helps to reduce the transistors than most CISC *86 used in personal computers. It helps to reduce the heat and power supply of the computers. Most of the supercomputers consumed more power so, using ARM architecture will reduce the power consumption in those computers. The 32-bit architecture from ARM holdings most commonly used in all types of mobile devices.