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Bio-Metrics Seminar Presentation (Read 122 times)


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Bio-Metrics Seminar Presentation
March 24, 2017, 05:52:25 PM
Bio-Metrics Seminar Presentation
Bio-Metrics is one of the advanced level technology that gives high security over the place or data. It can protect the place or data from intruders with the help of authorization. There are various kinds of characteristics and behavioral in the human body. Biometrics make record of anyone or two behavioral or characteristics as per the requirement to gives access the file or restricted place. The various kinds of characteristics are  Voiceprint, fingerprint, IRIS pattern, Face print, Hand Geometry, Retinal Scan, Keystroke Dynamics, Facial Recognition, and Signature recognition. Each and every single detail about each of the characteristics is noted and stored by the Biometric system and if anyone tries to access the place or file it can cross check the data captured by hardware system if the data matches with stored details then it give access otherwise it rejects the process.