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CDMA Seminar Presentation (Read 184 times)


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CDMA Seminar Presentation
March 30, 2017, 08:41:56 AM
CDMA Seminar Presentation
CDMA is one of the wireless network technology most often used in mobile communication and moreover, before GSM discovery, this method is widely practiced in mobile communication Setup. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access System and in this multiple users occupying the same band by having different codes.  The power control is CDMA is essential to maximize the number of simultaneous users.  The capacity of users is maximized by the maintaining the signal to interference ration at minimum acceptable. CDMA is one of the most technology mainly radio communication technology. Their 3G evolution is maximized and GSM structure also using some of CDMA called wide band CDMA or Simply Called as WCDMA.  It has various other uses including mobile network technology, Omnitracs satellite system for logistics transportation and used in Global Positioning System (GPS). The Qualcomm Standard IS-95 and IS-2000 are using CDMA technology for their #G connectivity