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Cellonics Seminar Presentation (Read 180 times)


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Cellonics Seminar Presentation
March 30, 2017, 08:38:04 AM
Cellonics Seminar Presentation
Cellonics is the theory of non-linear system modeled after the biological cell behavior. This technology is the powerful technology and it has the ability to encode, transmit and decode the digital signals powerfully over the physical channels. It also accepts the analog waveform as the Input and Output is a set of digital pulse set trains with the predictable number of pulses in each burst. It provides powerful encoding means of digital inputs communicating over a variety of physical channels. The duration of each pulse is similar and the number of pulses generated depends on the length of time the slope remains negative. Thus by controlling the duration of negative slope, the number of pulses to be produced at the output of the Op-Amp can be controlled. The Cellonics™ circuit is robust against noise perturbations – as long as the effective negative slope keeps the Op-Amp unstable, the noise will not have an effect on the pulse generation. The level of tolerance against the noise perturbations is carried out by proper selection of circuit parameters in the design.