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File Handling in C Seminar Presentation (Read 409 times)


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File Handling in C Seminar Presentation
March 30, 2017, 08:44:22 AM
File Handling in C Seminar Presentation
C is one of the commonly and most used programming languages in computer programming and it has wide usage in the current world. Moreover, it was used in each and every computer programming language. The File is term is a collection of related data that was treated as single units by the computer.  The computer always stores the file in secondary storage and it will be intact even the computer is shut down.  When the computer reads a file it copies the file from storage and it copies the file to memory and during writing the computer stores the file from memory to secondary storage. To access the file a program needs to find some information about the file and need to know the location of the file and in C the file can be addressed by using a structure called FILE and it is defined in Stdio.h.