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Mobile Internet Protocol Seminar Presentation (Read 168 times)


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Mobile Internet Protocol Seminar Presentation
Mobile IP or MIP is a task force which helps the user to change from one network to other in the permanent IP address.  This protocol provides independent location routing IP datagram on the internet. Many applications like VPN and VoIP has the problem of changing network simultaneously while calling it causes problems in IP address so in order to avoid Mobile IP is used to maintain the same IP address even the network is changed. This Mobile IP is worked on the basis of some elements and they are Agent Discovery, Registration, and Tunneling.  There are some security measures has to be taken before opted for Mobile IP protocol. The home agent and mobile nodes need to maintain the Home authentication extension. It also provides Mobile based Hash Authentication system. There are some problems also with this IPV4 protocol and it can be solved by using IPV6 protocol.