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Plastic Battery Seminar Presentation (Read 196 times)


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Plastic Battery Seminar Presentation
March 27, 2017, 05:32:13 PM
Plastic Battery

The outer casing is made up of strong glass. Anode & cathode are attached to the separate small network of copper wires. each of this network is connected to the positive &negative outer terminals of battery.
one separate is also provided between anode &cathode to avoid any possible short circuit.
These all three layers are immersed in to the iodine, which behaves as an electrolyte. this electrolyte itself contains positive &negative ions, due to which the electrodes are not bound to give their electrons. this electrolyte just does the doping. In plastic battery, there is higher capacity, higher voltage, and longer shelf-life than competitive batteries. And its energy storage capacity is 75 KW per kg.while the lead acid battery; storage capacity is 25 to30 KW per kg which is very less as compared to plastic batteries.   Material used in plastic battery is not costly so may be the price of this battery is less compare to lead –acid battery. Its recharging time is less so it saves the lots of time. In next generation it is very useful in portable items like mobile, laptop, cars etc.