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Smart Cameras in Embedded System Seminar Presentation (Read 114 times)


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Smart Cameras in Embedded System Seminar Presentation
Video surveillance is one of the modern technology which is used for security purposes and also for searching purposes. Most of the peoples rely on this video surveillance for their protection and safety. This video surveillance plays a major role in finding the particular person in the highly populated area with the help of smart cameras. This type of surveillance are available mostly security needed areas like banks, car parks, and ATMs and it also installed in roads or signals to monitor the movement of vehicles. The usage of the smart camera over the digital camera is increased because the digital camera only provides captured the image but smart camera provides every inch of details about the photo. The smart cameras are best but it can be improved with the help of some components like high-quality image sensors, bandwidth communication interface and reconfigurable platform for software and hardware things. This will make the smart camera even more useful.