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STARFAST Seminar Presentation (Read 275 times)


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STARFAST Seminar Presentation
March 28, 2017, 03:46:31 AM

The present paper introduces a method to authenticate people from their physiological activity, concretely the combination of ECG and EEG data. We call this system  STARFAST (STAR Fast Authentication bio-Scanner Test). Several biometric modalities are already being exploited commercially for person authentication:voice recognition, face recognition and fingerprint recognition are among the more  common modalities nowadays. But other types of biometrics are being studied as well:ADN analysis, keystroke, gait, palm print, ear shape, hand geometry, vein patterns, iris, retina. Although these different techniques for authentication exist nowadays, they present some problems.
Enobio is a wearable, modular and wireless electrophysiology sensor system for the recording of EEG (Electroencephalogram- brain activity), ECG (Electrocardiogram - heart activity) and EOG (Electrooculogram - eye movement) signals. The aim of this electrode design is to eliminate the skin preparation and gel application needed traditional electrodes, hence simplifying the recording EEG or other bio-potentials, reducing noise and greatly werability.