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Electro-Hydraulic Variable Valve - Mechanical Project Idea (Read 268 times)


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Electro-Hydraulic Variable Valve

Electro-Hydraulic Variable Valve-Train System for I.C Engine is latest mechanical project idea for final year students.

We all known that the internal combustion engine can be significantly improved by the use of variable valve timing (VVT) technologies, and the engine designers have been investigating the potential of variable valve train technologies leading to the development of camless engines for many years. In recently years, the variable valve technologies have a great improvement and some valve-train systems have been used to facilitate controlled auto ignition (CAI) combustion, a new concept of internal combustion engine which is one of the key research topics in the international arena.

This paper on Electro-Hydraulic Variable Valve describes a new electro hydraulic valve train systems, a research grade system used on single cylinder engines capable of meeting follows specifications

- Each valve can be fully independently controlled
- Each valve have a variable valve left and can be latched at a steady lift positions

The initial test work has been outspreaded, the concept demonstration rig has been developed and successfully used to facilitate CAI combustion on the internal combustion(IC) engine.

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