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ACOUSTIC REFRIGERATION seminar presentation (Read 215 times)


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Acoustic Refrigeration

The generation of acoustic refrigeration happens via thermoacoustic refrigeration. Basic operations which are performed via this kind of refrigeration includes increasing pressure by raising the temperature, Diffusing the heat from the stacks, thermal penetration and pressurizing the standing waves. Existing applications of acoustic refrigeration includes preserving the blood and the urine samples, cooling the radar electronics, replacing the noisy generators, maintaining potential marine vehicles along with super fast computers and satellite sensors. What is the exact motivation behind acoustic refrigeration? It is actually one moving part which yields 30% of the efficiency of carnot cycle. It needs less energy wastage along with the regeneration of the same. No CFC and HFC are needed. A kind of minimal maintenance is required for the same. Acoustic refrigeration is one of the best method of performing tasks with higher efficiency and less maintenance.