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Automation in Glass Manufacturing Seminar Presentation (Read 181 times)


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Automation in Glass Manufacturing

Automation in Glass Manufacturing is practiced to enhance the quality of glass and to minimize the human efforts using automation. The processes are taken continuously to increase the production of glass is increased. Tempered glass offers numerous benefits as they are approximately four times as strong as annealed glass and able to resist at temperatures which would cause the latter to crack and it is safer as it would not break into sharp jagged pieces when struck instead it breaks into small pebble pieces without sharp edges. The making process includes three main stages: Heat Treatment, Bending and Quenching. The glass after passing through these stages becomes stronger because of tension in center of the glass and compression in outer surface of glass. Industrial process of manufacturing tempered glass involves a number of processes starting from receiving the raw glass to cutting, washing, marking, inspecting, heating, bending, quenching to unloading. All these processes are run under controlled environment using proximity sensors and temp sensors and PR plays a paramount role in glass automation.