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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Seminar Presentation (Read 155 times)


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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence supports the collection, analysis and presentation of business information by using different strategies, processes and data technologies. It makes available the right information at the correct time for timely decision making purposes. Data warehousing is the core component of business intelligence, wherein reporting and data analysis is done. Whole data is recorded here and after proper analysis, reporting is done and analytical reports are made for knowledge of the workers. With the vision of advanced analytics, operational applications, end user analysis, self service reporting and so on, Business Intelligence is improving the organizations by helping in taking better decisions. A SQL server database is used to provide the data warehouse platform. It transforms the data in desired formats. Business intelligence provides low-cost and top solutions for the progress of the enterprise. Basically, it prepares the reports on the available data by using different servers so that decisions can be taken easily and on a fast pace.