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Electro-pneumatic Can crusher Seminar Presentation (Read 171 times)


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Electro-pneumatic Can crusher
Electro pneumatic can crusher is very useful for the purpose of crushing the cans and then using that in recycling. As most of the food items are available in cans and in households, bars, etc. cans are used on a usual basis. But these cans hold huge space. For that can crusher is very helpful and worthy to use. This can crusher works with air pressure and after putting the cans into chamber & it starts working. Approximately, it can reduce the volume up to 1/6th of the original size. There are various types of can crushers, such as, ‘Pneumatic’ that works on the air power, ‘Manual’ that relies on the person’s own force to crush, ‘Motorized’, and ‘Industrial’ and so on. Bulks of cans can be crushed in few minutes, hence helps in creating space in the bin. Can crushers work very smoothly and eco-friendly too. It’s very useful especially in hotels and bars where cans are regularly being used in huge quantity.