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ELEVATOR (Read 197 times)


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April 10, 2017, 04:49:53 PM

Elevators are also known as the lifting machines. They are mainly stored in the malty-story buildings for the use of peoples for going from one floor to another. There are basically 2 kind of elevators. One is Hydraulic elevators and another one is cable system elevator. They both uses different mechanism for different working of them.

Hydraulic elevator lifts the car with the usage of the hydraulic ram which is basically a fluid driven piston and is mounted inside a cylinder. The cable system elevator is the most popular elevator design which is a kind of roped elevator. And in them, the cars are being raised and lowered by the transaction steel ropes in order to push them from the below. The elevators are widely in use in the given numerous activities along with the carrying of the different storages, all from one place to another.