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FATIGUE OF METALS Seminar Presentation (Read 222 times)


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FATIGUE OF METALS Seminar Presentation
April 08, 2017, 09:10:47 AM
plays an important role in determining life prediction for metals. Changes in material microstructure leads to reduction in tensile strength and ductility of metals which is called ‘Metals Fatigue’. Various tests like Monotonic Tension and Constant Amplitude Fatigue test are carried out to obtain monotonic curvature of Fatigue properties. Forged steel connecting rod has many advantages over die cast or powdered metal rods like better ductility, high fatigue performance, high Tensile strength and density. Although flash produced in Forged steel during forging is its major disadvantage. Similarly, Powder metal connecting rod has its superlative benefit of no material waste. But low mechanical properties and excess porosity, oxide penetration are its major cons. Finally due to well tensile strength and monotonic curvature, Forged steel has been considered better than powdered steel. Its exemplary strain life behavior, augment its life upto 7 times.  Forged steel is also having high Fatigue limit as compared to powder steel.