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HYDROGEN FUTURE ENERGY STORAGE - seminar presentation (Read 152 times)


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‘Hydrogen’ future of energy storage

Why hydrogen is being chosen? It is because hydrogen is easily producible. Apart from being a light gas, it is pollution free and is used to store and deliver the energy in a very wider and ranged form. Hydrogen can be produced using Faraday’s law of electrolysis which mainly consists of 2 laws, in which the first law deals with quantity of element separated and quantity of electricity passed. And the second law deals with the mass of element separated and the atomic mass of element.

Hoffman voltmeter is also used for the production of hydrogen. It includes high pressure electrolysis as well as high temperature electrolysis. In high pressure electrolysis, compressed H2 gas is being given out and the pressure output arrives being of 120-200 bar. The high temperature electrolysis includes efficient method having operating temperature being between 100 degree C to 850 degree C.