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TUNNEL BORING MACHINE seminar presentation (Read 157 times)


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The TBM is also known as Mole. The tunnel boring machine is used to excavate tunnels with different circular cross sections which can be bore through anything from different hard rock to very tender sand. The main application of TBM occurs in the geotechnology field mainly. TBM also acts an alternative for drilling and blasting methods.

Tunnel boring machines are suitable for using in the heavily urbanized areas.  TBM are the complete single unit which is a kind of moving factory. The main sections of TBM includes drilling systems, concrete spraying, segmental lining, rock supporting, pipe jacking and conveyance of excavated material. Cutting rolls in the TBM are used for the tearing of the soil and the rocks from the funnel face.  Cutting blades act as the supporting tool to shear the hard and moist ground.  Tunnel boring machine is very helpful in geotechnology field.